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Peace Of Mind

As we all know,there's nothing more frustrating than wondering if your cab that you have reserved is coming, especially when you have a flight to catch or a event you have purchased a ticket for.

At The Cool Cab Company we specialize in reservations, and here’s how it works. Once a reservation is booked (by phone or via email-you will receive a confirmation), your fare will be assigned to a specific driver.
(Sorry -Reservations are not accepted under 5 miles)

The actual driver who has been assigned to your fare will call you 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment and confirm with you that they are on the way. We are a small company, and we only take a reservation if that time slot is open.We take each booking very seriously and we never miss an appointment. This is our "Customers Peace of Mind".

Think about it. When you call one of the larger companies, they do not assign their fares to a driver. Even if you made a reservation and your cab didn't show up and you called to ask them where your cab is, they cannot get on the phone and order someone to pick you up they can only request to any available drivers that you need to get picked up ( via a computer message). At this point you can cross your fingers and hope you'll make your appointment!

Customer reviews

Very good rates and really reliable.

Marcos Martinez
Prompt, courteous, and clean, even at 11pm on a Wednesday.

Alex Gibbs
24 / 7
Call for a Cab:  520-308-1536

Tucson International Airport

We also will accept reservations to pick you up at the Tucson Airport. With your reservation,the driver assigned to your fare will be waiting inside at the baggage claim area with your name written on a placard. We monitor all flights for any delays and act accordingly. Sorry-We do not accept airport pick up reservations under 10 miles. 

We hope to hear from you, call us for your flat rate.....520-308-1536 or reserve online.  You will not be disappointed.    
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